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Probiotic Fermented Veggies & Optimal Health

  • Darley Abbey Village Hall Abbey Yard Derby, England, DE22 1DR United Kingdom (map)

In this exciting, hands-on, practical workshop you will:

- Learn how gut health influences overall health and wellbeing
Take a closer look at the digestive system, how it works and the role of our microbes, which form a complex inner ecosystem, working collaboratively to keep us safe and well

- Examine the environmental triggers that can lead to disruption and inflammation in the gut, upsetting the delicate balance of our microbes

- Discover the many ways we can support the gut and maximize the diversity and health of our microbes

- Learn how probiotic fermented foods support the health and diversity of our microbes

- Be shown step by step how to make your own probiotic fermented veg

- Get to sample a selection of tasty probiotic veg combinations

- And finally, you will be getting well and truly stuck in, choosing from a selection of the highest quality biodynamic organic vegetables and creating your own beautiful original jar of probiotic fermented veg to take home.

This is a really exciting opportunity to learn about and improve your gut health and overall wellbeing. There will be plenty of opportunities for questions and discussion.

A bit about us…

Lucy Kay is a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist, and founder of The Mind & Body Tree. She works closely with clients to help them achieve their health goals through diet and lifestyle changes that work for them. She is a passionate teacher, running workshops on healthy eating, gut health, plant-based nutrition and healthy eating hacks for kids.

Simon Jones is a fermentalist, experienced facilitator and founder of PROBIOTICS. He is passionate about fermentation, gut health and helping to empower others with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive with confidence. He also organises THRIVE community empowerment events and enjoys writing and performing spoken word.

Simon and Lucy draw on cutting edge research to bring you the most up to date information on how the health of the gut influences overall health and wellbeing. With loads of practical tips and advice to help you optimize your gut health, and most importantly, you will learn the skill of fermenting vegetables for their probiotic health benefits.

Contact us:

fb: /mindbodytree